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Enable MailFoundry Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Filters

Other than activating MailFoundry (see directions below) no additional steps are required.

For Advanced Users: Complete MailFoundry Manual (PDF)

  • Login to your hosting control panel

  • Go to the "MailFoundry" link and click.
  • Click the red "off" icon as indicated in the image below.
  • This will enable MailFoundry.
  • If there are additional charges associated with Mail Foundry you will be asked to agree to the charges.

  • MX Record Removal
    We are going to remove the above mx record(s), is this okay?
    Click "Yes"

  • Domain is queued for addition, Please check back in 5 Minutes.
    Wait and after a few minutes click "CHECK STATUS"

  • If you want to view your MailFoundry control panel click "Manage"
  • Otherwise you are done!
  • No additional configuration needed.


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