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New Clients - Quick Start

Access your web hosting control panel

Upload files to your web site

  • ftp address:
  • username: check your welcome email
  • password: check your welcome email
  • remote directory:
  • default first page: index.html
  • Complete FTP directions

If you want a file to be visible on the web it must be placed in your public web directory (folder). Your public web directory is automatically created and is named the same as your domain name. The homepage of any site should be named "index.html"

Create an email account in your control panel

Configure your email program to send and receive email
(Outlook, Outlook Express, Entourage, Thunderbird, Vista Mail, Macintosh Mail etc.)
Mail clients such these are installed on your computer. In addition to sending and receiving email, they often have calendars, contact lists and task lists.

You will need to configure these mail clients to get your email. Here is the basic information you will need, more specific directions are below.

  • POP: (or if you get an error message)
  • SMTP: ask your ISP for their SMTP server address or use*
  • Username: Your complete email address.
  • Password: This was sent to you in a welcome email or you created it in your control panel.
  • *Some ISPs will require you to use their SMTP server address.
    You will need to contact your ISP for this information
  • Video and text directions for specific email programs

Access your webmail

  • Go to
  • username: full email address
  • password: you set this in your control panel when you created the email account

Access and understand your web stats

Change the DNS settings for a domain name you already own

  • You will need to change your DNS settings of your domain name in order for your domain name to become live in your Trailhead Hosting Account.
  • Our DNS settings are and
  • Updating DNS Settings (step by step video guides)







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