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Billing and Financial Information

How do I pay by check?
Sorry, we do not accept checks.

How do I see my billing statements?
All of your billing statements are available in your hosting control panel under "Billing Statements"

How do I securely update my credit card information?
Update your billing information in your control panel under "Billing Information"
Step by step instructions can be found here.

What is your refund policy?
We have a 30 day refund policy. If you are not happy with our hosting services we will refund your money. Domain names, SSL certificates, ecommerce licenses and web design services are non-refundable

How do I cancel hosting service for a domain?
The owner of the account may email us and request cancellation. The email must come from the email address that is listed as the account contact.

Who do I contact if I have a question regarding my bill?
Contact us at

Billing Procedures
Effective January 1, 2009 we will be billing all our hosting accounts in advance. Payment for 3 months (1 quarter) will be requested at that time. Payment for quarterly invoices will only be accepted via automatically recurring credit card payments.

Billing Statements Online
Clients can see their current invoice and all past invoices by logging into their control panel and clicking on "Billing Statements".

Contact and Billing Information Online
Clients are responsible for keeping their contact and billing information current through their control panel. Click on "Contact Information" or "Billing Information" to update.
Step by step instructions can be found here.

Account Cancellation
Clients wishing to cancel their hosting account must notify Trailhead Web Design and Web Hosting in writing or via email that they wish to cancel service with us. Payment will be refunded for full months of hosting not used.

Account Suspension
Payment in full is requested by the due date of the quarterly or yearly invoice. The invoice will include charges for web hosting, domain name purchase or renewal and web design services. Accounts that are past due will be suspended. Accounts that utilize auto pay and show a declined or expired credit card will be considered past due and will be suspended.

Account suspension will result in the suspension of email and a suspension notice placed on the web site. Any email sent to the recipient after the account has been suspended will be lost. There will be a $25 reactivation fee for all accounts that have been suspended.

Account Deletion 
Accounts that are seven (7) days past due and suspended will be deleted. Deletion of an account will result in all web site files, stats files, email addresses and email stored on the server being deleted. Any email sent to the recipient after the account has been deleted will be returned to the sender. Deleted accounts will not be reactivated.

Payment Accepted
Payment can be made in the form of check made out to “Trailhead Web Design” or through credit card (Visa or MasterCard only). Credit card information and updates can be submitted through your control panel. Returned checks or charge backs will be assessed an additional $25 fee and may result in permanent loss of account.

Terms of Service
Trailhead Web Design reserves the right to suspend, without notice, any account which violates our Terms of Service Agreement. Violations may include, but are not limited to posting or storage of obscene, offensive or illegal material on the web site or the sending of bulk unsolicited email (SPAM). Complete Terms of Service



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