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Common Question About Fighting SPAM

How do I add an email to my "whitelist" so that I know it will be delivered to me?

Through your hosting control panel you can add email addresses to your "white list". This will ensure that email from these people will go through to your normal mail and not be tagged as spam.

I've set my mail filters as high as possible and I'm still getting a lot of SPAM.

Some email addresses just get a lot of SPAM. Usually it is because the address has been around for awhile or because you are on multiple mailing lists that the spammers have picked up. You have two choices: Delete the email address and create a new one or enable our advanced anti-spam filter called SpamExperts.

My mailbox has filled up with failure to deliver, delivery status notification (failure) or Undelivered mail returned to sender. Has someone hijacked my email address?

They haven't hijacked your email address per se - they can't get into your email but anyone can pretend to be you and send an email. Much like anyone can put your return address on any envelope and mail it

It's called Email Address Forgery and its becoming increasingly common.

The bad news is there is nothing you or I can do about it. The good news is the flood should pass within 24-48 hours and although its annoying your email security and website security are not in danger.

There is nothing personal about this attack - your email was just picked off a list. Here is an article on it if you want to understand what is going on a little better:










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