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Internet Service Providers

An ISP or Internet Service Provider is a company that provides you with internet services such as email and web browsing. Most also provide you with limited web space for a personal home page. They allow you to connect to the Internet by giving you a number that your modem dials into and connects to (this is called dial up access).

There are hundreds of ISP's across the country with rates ranging from free to $25/month for dial up access. You may also want to consider high-speed access from home if it is available in your area.

When you are choosing an Internet service provider consider their rates and whether they are local or not. Local ISP's are competitive rate wise and generally offer better customer support but don't have access numbers across the country.

Usually your broadband provider is also your ISP, however you can still add additional services from these ISP's. If broadband is not available in your area, you may want to contact one of the companies below.

Front Range Internet
A solid local service provider headquartered in Fort Collins. Fast connections in town, slower as you move towards the edges. Good customer support during business hours. They do have an 800 number but it costs .15/minute to use.
Local - $20 setup / $20/month -

A well-rated national service provider with dialup access across the nation. Locally they provide fast connections, reasonable customer support and few busy signals. Local numbers are available across the country for those who travel.
National - $25 setup / $20/month -

America On Line (AOL)
AOL is the largest ISP in the world, AOL offers not only an internet connection but content as well. AOL is easy to setup and use and great for families, but don't use it for business. You have to use their email software, their web browser stinks, the lines are pretty busy and customer support is spotty.
National - $22/month -



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