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How To Send an Attachment in Email (AOL)

Step #1: Click on Write it is the icon next to Read.

Step #2: Fill in the Send To section on the email.

Step #3: Write the message you would like to include.

Step #4: In the bottom left hand corner of the compose screen, there is a button that says Attachments. Click on that button.

Step #5: After you've clicked on that button, the Attachments screen comes up. Click on Attach. It is the button on the top and to the left.

Step #6: Now that you are in "Attach," go to Look in: and scroll using the arrow button to the right of the folder that you are currently in. Highlight the folder that the document is in that you want to send.

Step #7: Click on the correct document to highlight it, then click Open. This item will automatically take you back to the attachment screen and it should show up in the text box on this screen.

Step #8: Click OK on the Attachment screen and it will bring you back to your original email message.

Step #9: If you would like to send more than one attachment, do steps 5-8 again for new item.

Step #10: Click Send Now on your original email message.








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