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Webmail, Mail Clients and Email Forwards

Step 1 Someone sends an email to your email address. The email is stored on the Trailhead Mail Server until one of the next steps happens...

Step 2 (Optional) You check your mail using webmail...
If you read the mail and don't delete it, it will be available to download to your computer during step 3.
If you delete the email it will not be available for step 3.

Step 3 You check your mail using an email client (such as Outlook or Outlook Express)...
Normally email will download to your computer and be removed from the Trailhead Mail Server each time you send and receive email.
Note: Once email has been removed from the Trailhead Mail Server it will no longer be viewable using webmail.

Step 4 (Optional) You have set up mail forwarding on another email addresses...
In this step a COPY of the email is sent to another email address.
For example: mail sent to can also be forwarded to

Step 5 (Optional) You check your other email address ( from your main computer and a duplicate of the original email is arrives.


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