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How to Choose a Web Designer - Our Answers

How long have you been designing web sites?
We created our first web site in 1995, before Netscape, Internet Explorer, Google and Earthlink were even around.

How long have you been in the business of designing web sites?
We created our first commercial web site in 1996. Trailhead Web Design was formed at the end of 1996 and the Trailhead web site was created a couple months later.

Do you plan to be in the business three years from now?
Yes, we have grown our business slowly so that we can offer excellent customer support and maintain a healthy business position.

What software and tools are you familiar with?
We primarily use WordPress to create your web site.

In the past we have used Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash and Fireworks to create our sites. For graphics we use Fireworks, Illustrator and PhotoShop.

What are your strengths?
Customizing the project to what the client wants, listening carefully, evaluating, making suggestions and then creating the web site in a professional and honest manner.

How do you plan to find out what I need and or want on my web site?
We've found that the most efficient communication is through a combination of email and telephone. Our experience is that face to face meetings are generally not as productive nor essential for the vast majority of the web sites we create. Additionally face to face meetings add to the cost of the project.  Every step of the way we'll help you to understand the process and to make good decisions. We'll explain all the costs up front and consult with you on changes and progress of the site. You'll be able to observe the growth of the web site as we work on it and we'll wait for your final approval before going live with the site.

If you would like to know more about the process and steps involved in creating a web site please visit this page.

How well and efficiently do you communicate with clients?
We respond to emails throughout the day. Changes and work requests are usually completed in a 48 hour period. Change requests must be initiated through email.

What other kinds of web sites have you done?
We have done web sites for illustrators, photographers, organizations, health care, individuals, schools, travel agents, health and beauty companies and many others.

Can I see some of your other web sites?
Sure, go to the portfolio section of our web site and you will see some of our more recent sites.

Can I talk to some of your other clients?
Absolutely, but out of respect for their privacy we aren't going to post their names and numbers right here. Just ask us.

How much does it cost to create the complete web site?
As low as $999 and then up to $10,000. Complete costs.

What are the additional costs after the initial web site creation?
Hosting, domain names and maintenance are the primary costs. Hosting is $120/ year, domain names are $19.95/ year each and maintenance runs $75/ hour. See our real costs summary for more details

What kind of web site maintenance do you offer?
After the site is complete we offer 1 hour of additional maintenance included in the price. After that our normal hourly rate is $75/hour.

Will you help me setup email and my computer to better work with the web?
We don't offer onsite service but we can make some recommendations for reliable technicians. We do provide an extensive support section with step by step video tutorials. You can also download the software free from our web site and install it yourself.

How do I make changes to my web site after it is complete?
Most of our clients choose to email their changes to their site and then we update the site within a few hours. Some of our clients update the site themselves.

Who owns my domain name?
We register it for you but you own it. If you ever chose to stop working with us you could take your domain name with you.

Who owns my web site and the work done on the web site?
You do. Our contract with you is pretty clear. You hire us to create custom work for you and you own it.

What if I decide, after the project is complete, to change web designers?
We hope you don't, but if you do we could give you your whole web site on a file and your designer would be able to use all or some of the web site we created.

Will you submit my web site to search engines and Internet directories?
Yes, after we finish your site we automatically submit to the major search engines - after that we can resubmit the site again as needed to keep your rankings high. It only takes a little while and we just take the time out of the included maintenance.

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