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We don't use these effects on every web site we do, but taking a look at some of these things might give you some ideas for your site.

Copyright Protection

Panorama Views

Falling Leaves

Chromeless Window

Background Sound (Simple)

Scrolling Title

Zoom Window

Page Transitions

Colored Scroll Bars

Add to Favorites

Live Clock

Live Chat

Flash Animations

Homeless Gear collects unwanted outdoor gear and re-distributes it to the homeless.  
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"People continue to make disparaging comments about the site, such as "breath-taking," "tantalizing," "stunning," "beautiful," sigh..." ~ Dan  
"I absolutely LOVE what you've done. I love how the galleries allow for viewing all photos at once, or one at a time and I really like how they pop up into a new window." ~ Cara  
"Our website looks GGGGRRRRREEEEAAAAATTT!!! Thanks so much for your help in working out the bugs until we now have a wonderful product. One we can both be really proud of. You did a really good job" ~ Marylin  
"Thanks very much for all of your hard work on my site. I just love it and so do many others who have chosen us based on that site!" ~ Christine  


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