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Test Your Security and Privacy

Test Your Security

Is it secure and is it private? Two things you should be asking yourself about your computer and your Internet connection. Here is some information about you...

Take a look to see if your computer is secure from hacking.

These two links will take you to a very reputable site that will test the security of your computer. This is done without sending any information to the computer. If you are concerned about the results please contact us and we can help you secure your computer.


Computer security and privacy has become a topic of great concern to many home and business users over the past few months. We are also concerned about your computer security and privacy and offer a wide range of consulting services.

Virus and Worms: Software programs that can destroy all the data on your hard drive. We will install the latest anti virus software, scan your system and show you how to keep your software up to date.

Trojan Horses: Tiny programs that run on your computer without your knowledge. When you are connected to the internet hackers use these programs to give them full and complete access to everything on your computer - again without your knowledge. We will search for any Trojans, destroy them and help you protect yourself in the future.

Firewalls: Software or hardware that place a security wall between you and hackers. They can be used to protect single computers or entire networks. We can advise you on the best firewall for your needs and set it up for you.

Privacy: Your computer can give out an awful lot of information about you. Everything you do and every web site you visit is recorded on your computer. We will show you how to maintain your online anonymity and secure or delete the information on your computer.

Spware and Adware: Small programs frequently installed without your knowledge from web sites and emails. Adware tracks your movements on the web and reports them to advertising agencies. Spyware can record sensitive personal data (credit crad numbers and bank account info) and send it to hackers.     

Securing Your Computer and Network

Layers of protection block different kinds of threats and may provide backup if one layer fails.

Hardware Router
Using NAT, masks IP address from port scans.
Blocks unsolicited incoming communications.
Does not protect against most malware, such as Trojan horses, Viruses, E-Mail worms,and spyware.

Recommendations: Linksys, Net Gear, D-Link

Maintenance: Update firmware as needed. Check with manufacturer.

Software Firewall
Prevents backdoor apps, Trojan Horses, and unwanted applications from sending data from the PC.
Protects a laptop on public wired and wireless networks.
Can block some malware, but cant remove it.

Recommendations: ZoneAlarm (free)

Maintenance: Update as needed. Check with manufacturer.

Antispam Software
Blocks deceptive e-mail scams (phishing schemes).
Reduces e-mail sorting fatigue, so users are less likely to accidentally activate and e-mail-borne virus in haste.

Recommendations: Built in filters with mail client.

Maintenance: Update weekly or more. Complete scans 1-2 weeks.

Antivirus Software
Protects against known worms, viruses, and Trojan horses but is less effective against new infectors.
Systems are still vulnerable to infiltration from adware, spyware, and browser hijackers.

Recommendations: AVG

Maintenance: Update weekly or more. Complete scans 1-2 weeks.

Anti-spyware Software
Protects against adware, browser hijackers, spyware, tracking cookies, and other Internet parasites.

Recommendations: Spybot Search and Destroy (free), AVG (free)

Maintenance: Update weekly or more. Complete scans 1-2 weeks.

Operating (Windows) System Updates
Patches the operating system and some of the components to fix known vulnerabilities.

Recommendations: Microsoft Windows Update (free)

Maintenance: Set to automatically update.


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