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Graphic Design Portfolio: Illustration

Establishing an identity includes logo development, stationary, ad campaigns, brochures, promotional posters, displays, packaging, and website design.

Mike is our primary graphic designer has been a part of the Trailhead Team for over four years now. Mike holds a degree in graphic design from Colorado State University. Throughout his professional career he has focused on visual communication, identity development, and product design.

His strengths include generating unique visual solutions in order to represent specific ideas and characteristics, structuring and organizing information to enhance clarity and flow, and maintaining the appearance of a company or product throughout the totality of all visual elements. Mike's experience ranges from simple stationary design, to full on company branding.

His skill set includes the Adobe Creative Suite programs of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop as well as a strong background in web page design and layout.

Below are a few samples of his work.  Additional samples and information can be found at

school violence buddy holly self portrait
magazine chalkboard




Homeless Gear collects unwanted outdoor gear and re-distributes it to the homeless.  
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"People continue to make disparaging comments about the site, such as "breath-taking," "tantalizing," "stunning," "beautiful," sigh..." ~ Dan  
"I absolutely LOVE what you've done. I love how the galleries allow for viewing all photos at once, or one at a time and I really like how they pop up into a new window." ~ Cara  
"Our website looks GGGGRRRRREEEEAAAAATTT!!! Thanks so much for your help in working out the bugs until we now have a wonderful product. One we can both be really proud of. You did a really good job" ~ Marylin  
"Thanks very much for all of your hard work on my site. I just love it and so do many others who have chosen us based on that site!" ~ Christine  


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